March 29, 2018

Nifty is Still Bullish for Medium and Long Term – Fresh EW Analysis on All Time Frames

Nifty declined more than 1200 points from high and the chart are giving some clarity at higher time frames now. So, today I am revising wave counts on all time frames to identifying the changes and to conclude the further possible road map of Nifty in Long, Medium and Short Term.

Friday, the Ending Diagonal Triangle pattern I was expecting in my earlier analysis report was negated and 10400 Call of April Expiry we bought some days back in 100-80 range was suggested to exit with loss of 40-60 points in 40-45 range because of pattern negation. So, my earlier analysis report Nifty can Bounce by 300-400 Points from 10141-10083 Range is not valid any more.

So, let’s have a fresh look at all time frames again to conclude further possibilities. Read my last analysis report on all time frames at Elliott Wave Analysis Update of Nifty on All Time Frames as on 22 Jan 2018


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