March 8, 2018

"Markets Are Nervous": JP Morgan Co-President Sees 40% Correction In Stocks

In what sounds more like yet another warning to President Trump than an actual market call, Daniel Pinto, the head of JP Morgan Chase & Co.'s colossal investment bank (which houses its M&A and trading operations) warned that equity markets could decline by as much as 40% over the next 2-3 years - though he believes the present cycle has at least another year left to run.

Pinto said markets are "nervous" - not just about trade, but also by the prospect of higher interest rates globally (they might receive more inadvertent insight today if the ECB's Mario Draghi pulls a Jerome Powell and sends markets reeling with a hawkish misstep).

The prospect that President Trump could start a trade war also has investors on edge - and they could dump stocks if the tariffs end up being larger than the market expects, according to Bloomberg.


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