October 16, 2018

Market outlook

Daily charts:
- trend has changed to up from today (10550)
- first sell was on close below 11600
- here I am using swing high low method
- you can use any other method you are comfortable
- I have posted chart using kplswing indicator separately

- note this buy signal can whipsaw
- swing low is at 10100

- today NF closed at 10585
- AD was 13:5

- option writing support 10000 resistance 11000
- problem is OI at 10700 CE and 10800 CE is not coming down

Same chart with kplswing indicator N=20
- sell was generated around 11300
- SL will be N=5 (fast) or N=10 (slow)
- fast SL already hit, next SL at 11000 currently

- note there is no buy signal as yet using this indicator

5 min charts:
- buy signal was on first bar
- exit on trailing SL
- short trade gave no profit no loss

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