April 11, 2019

IBM's AI Knows When People Will Quit Their Job With 95% Accuracy

One reason I quit working at the age of 32 was the realisation that all performance appraisals are a complete sham. This does not matter whether you are working in a traditional company or a multinational etc etc.

Your rating (excellent, outstanding) all depends on whether your boss likes you or not. If he does not, then whatever work you have put in has no value.

To this, you can also add a generous dose of  office politics!

Remember, people never quit companies ... they quit only because of bad managers.

"We found manager surveys were not accurate," said Rometty. "Managers are subjective in ratings. We can infer and be more accurate from data."

Read more at https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-04-09/ibms-ai-knows-when-people-will-quit-their-job-95-accuracy

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