April 2, 2019

Sensex at 39,000? No, it’s actually 56,000

Even as the Sensex surged to historic highs on Monday and zoomed past the 39,000-mark, Ashish Chauhan of BSE points out that the index has actually grown to 56,000. Taking stock of the stock market barometer s journey, Ashish Cahuhan, CEO of BSE said that the Sensex base date is April 1,1979. On that day, it was set at 100. Today it completed 40 years and coincidentally reached 39,000, he tweeted. While the Sensex has scaled 39,000, if dividends are taken into account, on a total return basis, the Sensex would be at 56,000, he said. If we take dividends into account, on total return basis, it would be close to 56,000. Congratulations India for the stupendous growth! he added.

Putting this stellar growth into perspective, a Rs 1 lakh investment into the Sensex in 1979, would have grown to a massive Rs 5.6 crore in 2019. In effect, in 40 years, the

Read more at https://in.finance.yahoo.com/news/sensex-39-000-no-56-055101673.html

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