April 20, 2019

People really do quit because of their bosses, or sometimes follow them

When Harish Banker quit his bank to join another financial services firm, six of his reporting team members also resigned from the company to join him.

This was a big blow to the firm which was already facing high rates of attrition. While the human resources team tried to retain the staff members by offering higher pay, none of them relented.

Their argument was that Banker was their mentor when they joined the team and they were only repaying the loyalty to the individual.

In HR parlance, a phrase that is often repeated is that people leave managers and not companies. While not everyone may agree, it is a fact that a company’s brand ambassador for a new joinee is often the manager s/he reports to.

You don’t need a boss like Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada to leave a job. They could, in fact, be an immense influencer in employee career decisions. So much so that employees quit en masse to follow their reporting manager. Especially if the employee has been hired by this person.

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