July 18, 2019

What happens to the Aadhar card when the holder passes away? And the risks involved

UIDAI has not built any process or technology to handle an Aadhaar holder’s death. There are multiple issues that arise from this inability of UIDAI to handle death.

Now, have you wondered what happens to someone’s mobile number once they pass away? Telecom companies deactivate a phone number after 90 days of no usage, and then may assign it to new subscribers after a month or so. In essence, a dead person’s phone number may get assigned to a new person within 4–6 months. (The same reassignment policy applies for anyone who stops using their phone number, dead or alive.)

We know that Aadhaar numbers have a mobile number mapped with them in the UIDAI database, and is used by UIDAI for sending OTPs during authentication. Hence, the phone number owned by a dead person (and updated in UIDAI records) may get assigned to someone else six months after their death, but UIDAI will never find out that this phone number no longer belongs to that dead person.

Read more at https://medium.com/karana/death-of-an-aadhaar-64fb38be07c8

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