May 27, 2020

Market outlook + options range

Daily charts:
- market is rangebound on daily charts
- till yesterday, I mentioned the trend as down
- with today's move, the SL of 9300 is gone
- you are of course, free to consider any other appropriate SL
- for eg, another good SL could be 9500

- today markets closed 3% in positive at 9315
- AD was 3:2

- on weekly charts, a higher high higher low is already forming
- above view is valid till weekly low does not break (8800)

kplswing signal

Options range

NIFTY close9315Date27-May-2020
LevelsStrike priceSignificance
Month Hi10,14910,100Resistance
Week Hi9,7159,700Resistance
Day Hi9,4669,500Resistance
Day Lo9,1649,200Support
Week Lo8,9158,900Support
Month Lo8,4818,500Support
Levels are for day/ week/ month starting tomorrow
Strike price is arrived after rounding up/ down of levels
Range expansion if VIX explodes
For educational purposes only. Not for trading
Updated daily at

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