November 14, 2016

Could any astrologer predict this demonetization?


  1. After they are done with their time in line they would come out and say we hinted about it by pointing out some obscure line in their articles like take care of your money

  2. Kamalesh... Panchangam (A tamil traditional year book - Which is being used by the astrologers and commons to take a note on Muhurta days & everything related to auspicious & related to days) has mentioned a text " Major changes will happen in Banking. Black money & unaccounted cash may get unearthed. Govt has a luck to earn Multi-crores of income through the auditing depts. You can verify the same with Arcot Panchangam - Dhurmugi varsham.

    1. Did the author who anticipated this event deposit his notes before the date or was he also among the others waiting in line for exchanging the notes?

      If this predictability had even the slightest amount of certainty, the word would have been out and the entire cash money would have been deposited in the banking system before demonetisation kicked in.

      Problem with the predictions is these are too vague or imprecise to have any practical value. I am sure in every year same prediction would have been made.

  3. No... Every year the prediction would be different. It just lays out the probability. One cannot be very specific.
    But this time it coincides.

    1. Then the information is of no use. As astrologers routinely cover all sorts of problems in their forecasts, then someone is bound to be right somewhere or the other.

      Put differently, the probability of any astrologer (or non-astrologer) being right will usually be 50%.

    2. Study the subject and then start making such comments Mr. Kamalesh. Did u know even earthquake of Gujrat, 9/11 and even 26/7 floods were predicted along with the date. Astrology is a science please study before pointing fingers at the sacred science of astrology

    3. Common sense... if astrology was actually a science, then all astrologers all over the world would have predicted that earthquake and those floods you are referring to.

      Thousands of lives would have been saved and losses to property would not have happened. This is true for all events but since no one could predict them, these events are happening.

      The fact that none of them could warn in advance so is ample proof that astrology is more pseudoscience.

      If the astrologer in question had been able to predict the earthquake and the floods, then all other astrologers would have been able to do so. Not only this, they would have been able to predict all earthquakes and all floods.

      Common sense tells me this is not the case so any single prediction turning out correct is a case of randomness and no intelligence.

      Any astrologer is at best 50% correct... for that, you do not need any skills. Any person can generate the same quality of output with mumbo jumbo loaded in.

      Astrology is at best a pseudoscience... certainly not a science by any stretch of imagination.

      If astrology had any predictive ability, all trading will immediately stop, there will be no need for people to study or work because everything is already predicted meaning no effort required on your side to do anything.

  4. Arcot Panchangam predicted demonetization of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes

  5. I cannot read the language... but the question is simple... Did the author of the post benefit from this event? And if his prediction was supposedly so good, why did the rest of the world ignore it?

    The reason everyone ignored his prediction was that most of his previous predictions failed.

    Come to think of it, every astrologer is right sometime or the other... it is too bad he cannot benefit from it.

    1. How do u know it was ignored?? just because u wouldnt believe his prediction doesn't mean others would ignore too.

      The same set of astrologers from Arcot predicted Chennai rains too and they were correct that time too.

    2. The very fact that so many people lost their lives in Chennai rains was simply because the warning given by the astrologer was ignored. And the warning was ignored because of low/poor credibility. It is really simple because if the astrologer were always 100% accurate, the government and everyone would taken abundant precautions because this so and so astrologer's predictions had never failed.

      In reality, the warning or prediction was ignored because the astrologer predictions over a large number of events were not reliable... this is obvious.

      Similarly, if the demonetisation had been predicted and the astrologers had any credibility, the exercise would have completely failed as everyone would have converted their currencies well before the event before so and so astrologer predicted and he is always 100% correct in his predictions.

      This logic can be applied for any major event... airplane disasters/ crashes, big accidents, suicide bombings etc.

      So you can have a situation where an astrologer predicts Air India flight xxx from Dubai to Mangalore will crash on this particular date. If the credibility was there, then the flight need not take off at all and so all lives will be saved.

  6. Agreed that many people lost their lives, money but there were some people who were saved too just because they believed. People who lost their never belived in astrology. To understand this science one needs to get out of "their head" and look around and understand which rarely people do these days.

    Haven't u heard of Sanjay b jumaani, Kapiel raj, Pandit Kamal shrimali, Dr. H S Rawat their predictions are correct. One needs to be able to connect to higher self to understand this
    Not everone is gifted to see this.

    Understand one thing " not everyone can predict" why cos not everyone uses same method, there are vasrious methods used to calculate n event hence not everyone can
    its like this" some have to use calculator even to add 5 + 5 wheras some will calculate 29 + 86 without a calci.. Understand this. Not eveyone can calculate complex matter hence many faulter in earlier stages.

    just cos no predictions reached u, doesnt mean it didint reach others too, many ppl belived these predictions and guess what are saved too
    FYI there are paid that predict trading, market speculations too.