November 29, 2016

Neowave outlook of markets

Our target of 25000-500 (Nifty 7700-7800) was marked on 30th Sep, and Trump victory and Govt’s denotification has only helped Index moved closer to our target.

Remember, this target is based on 60% pattern implication for the channeled Triple Combination rally from Feb’16 low of 22495 to Sep’16 high of 29077.

The maximum pattern implication for a Triple can be as much as 70%, which would calculate to about 24500 (Nifty 7500).

If the ET does end at these pattern implication level discussed above, then Index could see a major recovery thereafter, either as a new move or as “x” wave with ET completing only the 1st Corrective of the larger correction.

If the Index fails to hold the 60-70% pattern implication, then the larger scenario of 8-year cycle could unfold. As we all know, the year ‘2016 is on our 8-year cycle. If the Index falls into this spiral, it usually loses 50-60% from the highs.


  1. Sir,It is not easy to understand the logoc of neo wave analysis by layman like us.It will be more helpful us is a few lines are written by you what exactly it wants t convey.If required you may ask the opinion of others on your blog in support of my statement

    1. Ignore it... this stuff never ever made sense to me.