September 3, 2017

Suggestion: Increase Stock Markets Closing Time to 5pm

This is just a suggestion to the powers that be.

Please increase equity/ derivatives trading timing to 5 pm at least.

What I am looking for is atleast 8 hours of  a trading window.

If the commodity markets in India can remain open for 12 hours, there is no reason why the stock markets cannot remain open till 5pm atleast.

On a different note:
- I have traded when BSE was open for barely 3 hours in a day and when
- the exchange was very often shut for 1-2 days if some prominent member was caught on the wrong side and needed a bailout by his fellow brokers.
- those were the days of 2% brokerage and 2-3 months of share transfer time.
- India has evolved big time since then
- so I am not asking anything much
- the technology is anyway in place
- all what is needed is a change in mindset.

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