December 27, 2017

Nifty target of 20,000 by…

“Indian GDP will double in coming decade”

“India is the fastest growing economy and the best place to invest on this Earth”

“This will be the biggest and longest bull rally”

Well, all these are Bull shit statements used by TV Cartoon channels and Experts to trap retail investors.
  • India will become 3rd biggest economy- Well, a slum cluster may have more earning than your household. This doesn’t mean you should invest in that slum cluster. Right? GDP per capita in India will still remain pretty low, and the economy size = GDP per capita X Population. So, with increasing population for coming decades, we will for sure become the biggest economy in the world one day
  • India is the fastest growing economy (vs US, China etc)- Over last 10 yrs, India has grown much faster than US & China. But if you had invested in Amazon/Alphabet/Alibaba etc you would have become a lot more richer than investing in Indian cos. US mkts have out-performed Indian mkts by a big margin over last 10 yrs. US cos are innovative. They have Tesla, Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook. What have we got here?
  • Big bull rally- Another bull shit statement. Any macro event at political or cross country level and everyone will start selling from 9 AM sharp. Nifty itself may hit a lower circuit. Well, have you thought about that? Also, note that pharma sector is in bear market for last 1 year. So, bear market is also there in the current market itself.


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