December 14, 2017

Think deeply... What if you cannot change your password?

These days, a password is required to access any web based service like banking, trading, demat, email etc. A password is also required for mobile services, debit card, credit card etc and so on.

In all these services, there is a facility to change the password - you can keep this simple or complicated - it is entirely upto you.

So misuse can be minimised and in some cases eliminated.

Except in Aadhaar based services... here the key password is your fingerprint which can never be changed should there be a compromise of your account. Further, the fingerprints change over a period of time so rejections will increase.

Further your Aadhaar fingerprint is publicly available and easily clonable. Just hold a glass for few seconds and you have left your identity on the glass. And hackers have proved that iris scan is easy to breach.

Watch any detective movie from the seventies and you can see how easily fingerprints are collected from the scene of a crime. You do not need the technology of today.

Of course, there is provision of OTP being sent to your mobile. But if bank accounts are being opened without the beneficiary being aware, then getting a new SIM is not a big deal at all.

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