May 21, 2018

Forget free stuff? Real life operational costs of a professional trader

I often get requests for sources on free data , free software and stuff . This from traders who are trading futures and options . Let me provide a breakup of what services I use .
I use end of day data from a vendor costing me 3000 per year . Real-time data costing around 30k per year . Options analysis software around 25k per year .
Comes to around Rs.5000 per month . Internet cost is around Rs.2000 per month with one major and one backup .
I use two laptops but those are fixed one time costs . Each laptop gets changed after 2-3 years .
So total infrastructure cost of my doing business is Rs.7000 per month .
Unless you can afford this bare minimum , you should not be in the business of trading FNO . Looking for free sources is time pass , not serious business .

My notes: I agree 100%... my expenses are approx. 4K pm on datafeed, backup internet, backup laptop etc. And the sorry/ sad part is traders who are looking for free stuff have already lost bigtime in the markets.

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