July 29, 2018

A part-time trader who uses time and risk management successfully at his job and in the market

... Unlike other traders, Santosh does not look at a technical chart before entering the first leg of his trade. Instead, he looks at volatility to enter option trades.

Son of a Naval officer, Santosh’s story is all about leveraging time. He has multiple certifications needed for his profession, some which very few in the industry have. He has undergone the highest level of training needed to be a trader, he has revived the Option Oracle software by learning the language in which it was built, a package which was lying secluded in the cyberspace. He regularly teaches traders the skills needed to be an options trader. As if this was not enough he makes time to get high-level certifications in ice skating and scuba diving.

In an interview with Moneycontrol, Santosh Kumar Pasi speaks on his approach to options trading, how he uses time in his trading and his software, among other things. Edited excerpt:

Read more at https://www.moneycontrol.com//news/business/moneycontrol-research/a-part-time-trader-who-uses-time-and-risk-management-successfully-at-his-job-and-in-the-market-2774651.html

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