November 9, 2018

India has no need to be afraid of coalitions.

How do we explain that on the economic, internal security and strategic fronts, India's unstable coalitions have acted more decisively and boldly than all our full-majority governments yet?

We aren't a country of a billion-plus nut-cases. We are simply a good, buzzing democracy, run by responsible, hard-working, and thick-skinned, politicians. They aren't perfect. But they know what is good for them.

They want to win elections, and, once they have the power, don't want to lose it. If the economy grows, there is public peace, a sense of security, a happy people will re-elect them.

A coalition is unstable, but it forces our leaders to negotiate, trade for space, listen to others, fish in a larger talent pool. A secure, majority government makes politicians complacent, arrogant and create unsustainable personality cults.

From Indira to Rajiv to Modi, that is the lesson of our political history. India has no need to be afraid of coalitions.


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