January 16, 2019

Modi Wins 'First-Ever' Philip Kotler Presidential Award – But What Is it?

Modi Wins 'First-Ever' Philip Kotler Presidential Award – But What Is it?

Top BJP leaders praised the PM for winning a prize with no disclosed jury or process – from a marketing group whose organisers ducked questions, calling it "a very confidential award”.

Read more at https://www.thewire.in/business/modi-wins-first-ever-philip-kotler-presidential-award-but-what-is-it-exactly

The World Marketing Summit India is owned by an Aligarh based company ...  and their website at https://wms18.com is down from today morning.  I just wanted to see the jury, the process, competitors etc but bad luck.

Further investigation by The Wire reveals that both the WMS India and Suslence are the initiatives of a Saudi-based team, principally Tauseef Zia Siddiqui, whose online profile describes him as an employee of SABIC – the Saudi Arabian government-owned petrochemical firm, which has been keen to make larger inroads into India’s energy industry.

Read more at https://thewire.in/business/exclusive-the-saudi-connection-behind-modis-first-ever-kotler-presidential-prize

Full marks to the media team which pulled this off... this will go down in history as one of the finest marketing gimmicks at zero cost and zero pain.

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