January 18, 2019

Obituary: Jack Bogle-the greatest friend of Investors

John C Bogle, investing legend and creator of low cost index funds passed away on 16th Jan 2019.

Bogle's innovative idea was creating the world's first index mutual fund in 1975. Bogle's idea was that instead of beating the index and charging high costs, the index fund would mimic the index performance over the long run—thus achieving higher returns with lower costs than the costs associated with actively managed funds.
Bogle is known for his insistence, in numerous media appearances and in writing, on the superiority of index funds over traditional actively managed mutual funds. He contends that it is folly to attempt to pick actively managed mutual funds and expect their performance to beat a low-cost index fund over a long period of time, after accounting for the fees that actively managed funds charge.
Bogle argued for an approach to investing defined by simplicity and common sense. Below are his eight basic rules for investors:
  • Select low-cost funds
  • Consider carefully the added costs of advice
  • Do not overrate past fund performance
  • Use past performance to determine consistency and risk
  • Beware of stars (as in, star mutual fund managers)
  • Beware of asset size
  • Don't own too many funds
  • Buy your fund portfolio – and hold it
Here are some other things you should read today about the man who changed the investment business and set millions of people free in doing so:

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