September 12, 2019

A Millennial’s (Guilt-Ridden) Response to Nirmala Sitharaman

It has come to my attention that you hold the generation of millennials, of which I am part, responsible for the decline in the auto sector. 

You said, “Some studies do tell us that the mindset of millennials, who are now preferring not to commit an EMI for buying an automobile, instead prefer to take Ola, Uber, everything else, or take the metro.”

Mea culpa. I agree with your description of our mindset – I have no intention of buying a car. But that is because I simply can’t afford it. As you say, I’m disinclined to commit to an EMI – perhaps a sign of the commitment phobia my generation has also been accused of, given that we now also marry less, don’t buy homes, and aren’t having children.

What do we like? Netflix, waffling on the internet, and we seem to be absolutely bonkers about make-up. But when we’re swapping swatches, you, as someone who is far more sérieux and important, would probably be more concerned with the lipstick index, the fun little economic theory which suggests that people buy more lipstick when the market is tanking.

What’s your favourite shade, Ms. Sitharaman?

Currently, the lipstick index shows an economy in the red.

You see, I am not alone, Ms. Sitharaman –


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