September 7, 2019

One business, One nation, One bank account and now One masala dosa

...So he explained further, “Saar, There is lot of tax evasion happening in GST where multiple bank accounts are used. So the government has passed a law which says, One business, One nation, One bank account. The food ministry however objected to the law and pointed out that this does not solve the poverty problem because there are a lot of people who order and waste food and wasting food is the same as evading tax. So the GST department passed an order, which said, since our tax rate is only 5%, we should also restrict food sales to one item per person per day. That is why we can’t give you more than one masala dosa per day”.

I persisted because I was hungry. And then Mr. Sadasivam said even more strange things, “Saar, I can’t give you a masala dosa, but I can give you any other item, but only once. So you can eat idli, set dosa, rava pongal etc. That is possible because we have one nation, one tax, one bank account, one masala dosa, one set dosa, one pav bhaji”.


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