September 2, 2019

How to trade breakouts and pullbacks

No matter how many entry techniques you learn, there are only 2 ways to enter a trade.

On a pullback. On a breakout. And that’s it.

But many of you struggle with this concept.

  • You probably have thoughts like…
  • How do I know where a pullback will end?
  • Breakout tends to fail, I hate trading breakouts.
  • Should I wait for confirmation, or not?

Don’t worry.

Because in this post, I’ll teach you the essentials of trading pullbacks and breakouts.

You’ll learn stuff like:

  • The 5 levels the market will likely retrace to (so you can “predict” market turning points)
  • How to find high probability pullback trades
  • How to spot explosive breakout trades before it occurs
  • And much more
  • Are you ready?

Then let’s begin…


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