March 9, 2020

Market outlook and some gyan

- trend is down
- today nifty closed 5% in negative at 10451
- AD was 1:5

- VIX up 21% at 31

- nifty closes at 52 week low ... first time since 2016

- immediate support 10000
- will this break as easily as 11000 did?

- many traders are cursing themselves for missed the short of a lifetime
- or regretting an early exit
- this is normal as it is not easy to catch every move
- on the other hand, the "fear of missing out" can cause massive losses
- loss protection is more important than profit maximization (takes years to understand)

- so let volatility come down to acceptable levels
- I am out of the market as the stops are way too deep
- there will be ample trading opportunities
- don't wait for the trade of the decade.
- it can lead to loss of the decade with profit just remaining on paper

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