March 4, 2020

NIFTY intraday spot charts... multiple timeframes

Hourly charts:
- resistance around 11400
- all activity is within master candle formed on 2nd MAR
- trend remains down

30 min charts:
- triangle seen
- choppy environment

15 min charts:
- directionless markets
- my indicator is giving all whipsaws

5 min charts:
- 2 big moves
- one 200 points down and one 150 points up
- very difficult to trade as your SL is min 50-60 points
- huge changes in underlying alongwith theta (tom is expiry) means difficult trading in options
- for eg. I bought 11200 PE at 78, got stopped out and after nifty broke day's low by 20 points, my PE did not increase and was still around 72.
- later on, I did not trade as SL was too deep

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