May 13, 2014

When opportunity comes, be prepared to move fast

When opportunity comes, be prepared to move fast... don't hesitate, relook, rethink etc. 
You have waited for a very long time for this so when the opportunity comes, be prepared to strike fast.
You may not know when the next opportunity will come.

Watch this video...

It is no different with the stock markets.... 

When you have waited and waited for the perfect setup, you should be eager to capitalize on the opportunity and go for the kill. Then don't be a beggar and say you are happy with 15-20 points profit when the market was giving  100-150+ points!


  1. Excellent Quotes. Kudos to KPL ji

  2. For the next two trading days each market is going to give 250+ points! even bigger than 100-150 Points. Who is the killer waiting in ambush?

  3. KPL ji - the first 3 lines are "excellent" and the video is the boost. Kudos

    request you to keep posting...v r learning from your "experience" and v r "ekalaiya" (s)

    warm regards

  4. sir, please upload the graph of this post.


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