May 26, 2014

Warning signs

Today, a leading mutual fund placed a full cover page (incl. reverse) advertisement in a leading newspaper. The ad says "wake up.... to your tarakki" and extols the virtues of investing in equity mutual funds etc.

Note that the advertisement has come when nifty is at 7300-7400 and it never came when markets bottomed out at 6000 levels. It required a move of almost 20% for the fund houses to "wake up". LOL.

Personally I have always equated these events as a warning sign.

Let's see... I am still long and my SL is 7000 on nifty. My feelings may be premature and I may be wrong. But one should have eyes and ears open to these non technical happenings.

If 7000 breaks, I would be mentally prepared for a year long correction followed by the start of a real bull market.

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