May 13, 2014

Using Quick Review mode in Amibroker

The Quick Review mode is an excellent feature in Amibroker which you can use to find top gainers and losers for a day, week, month, quarter or even a year.

To access it, just click the goggles like menu button and a small window will pop out. Select the options and click "Show". Incidentally you can even change the date so you do some study like "which were top gainers in a particular month etc".

First run is on daily mode ... top gainers

Note I have defined a filter and set it to a watchlist of liquid stocks.

By clicking on % change, I get to view results in reverse sort... top losers.

Monthly returns... top gainers

Quarterly returns... top gainers

Yearly returns... top gainers

Lastly, same report but shown for top losers... yearly returns.

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