May 30, 2014

Question: how to get buy/ sell signals in Amibroker

I use Ami. Suppose I install mechanical trading system or good indicator ( like Supertrend ) based trading system in Ami to trade these stock, can I get notification of buy/ sell signal of these stocks in separate window in Ami. To see buy/sell signals in Ami. we have to select stock from drop-down list to see the signals.It will be very difficult to check the signals every time from the large list of stocks if we use hourly or two hourly TF. 

Is there any AFL for getting notification of the signals in separate window.

Dr.Suhas Kothavale.


Let us assume you are using kplswing AFL for generating buy/ sell signals.

You can run the indicator on all stocks in your database or only those stocks in your watchlist (this is defined using the FILTER button).

When you click on the SCAN or EXPLORE button, the system will scan and output a list of stocks meeting the indicator buy/ sell rules. 

For eg., the following was generated using kplswing (Parameters, N=5) and run in SCAN mode.

You can now save the results to a FILE (csv format) or add the results to a new watchlist etc etc.

INTRA DAY modes...

If you have access to a realtime datafeed, you can runner the scanner/ explorer in intraday mode ... this setting will be defined in your database. 

You need to select the RUN every __ minutes option. 

Once enabled, the scanner will run every 1 minute or 5 minutes or whatever time you specify and show the latest buy/ sell signals.

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