May 7, 2014

Amibroker AFLs

Starting a series of posts on writing Amibroker AFLs.

For newbies, Amibroker is one of the finest trading/ charting softwares. You can download a trial version from

This being the first post, I will write an extremely simple exploration.

There are 3 lines here:
AddColumn(ROC(C,1),"% Ch",1.2); 

The first is mandatory and defines the filter for the exploration... we are not specifying any filter so we set the value to 1.

Explorations always require atleast one column. We are using 2 here.... these will output the closing price and the % change.

Simple. This is a part of the output where I have sorted the results by % change column.

You can fine tune the results by playing around with the FILTER.

Some examples:

- every statement ends with a semi-colon;

- anything after // is treated as a comment.

Hope this helps. Depending on feedback, I will post more articles.

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