September 8, 2016

Investors have a huge opportunity to make money: Marc Faber

By when do you see this system breaking down then? Will this bubble created by central bank liquidity across asset classes burst anytime soon?
The bubble can last a long time, one just needs to increase the size of money printing continuously. As a result, asset prices - stocks and real estate - go up phenomenally. So in essence, we have a bull market across asset classes. However, the value of paper money depreciates, as it has done for the last 30 years. Whatever the central banks do now, asset prices will depreciate against precious metals - gold, and platinum.
A number of analysts fail to understand that if gets its act together, then it could have a growth rate of maybe 5% per annum.
But we already are around the 5% mark.
But we need that consistently. A consistent growth rate of 5% is an incredibly high rate. We don't have any growth in Europe and Japan. If we were to measure the GDP correctly in the US, there would be no growth. And we are talking about a demographically attractive population. What needs is liberalisation of businesses and the reduction in government intervention. That apart, a number of things have to come into place. But, there is hope.
What are the factors working in favour of as an investment destination?

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