September 21, 2016

Most engineers in India are unfit for employment

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Jan 29, 2016 - KOCHI: Believe it or not. More than 80 per cent of those passing out from engineeringcolleges in the state are not fit for employment, according ...

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Jul 27, 2014 - According to my competency builder , an employee assessment service ... about 85 % of engineering graduates are unfit for employment.

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Nov 5, 2014 - ... of millions of educated youngsters who are deemed unfit for employment. ... India produces over 1 million engineers and management


  1. if they go abroad they might easily get employed with better salaries. abroad indian ppl r well respected and
    viewed as hard working , honest ppl

    1. Employed as taxi drivers or data entry operators or petrol pump attendants? Yes.

      As engineers, NO.

      The reason is very poor grasp of basic concepts, rote learning, poor communication skills and so on.

      The Indians who are doing abroad are the cream who would have anyway been doing very well in India.

      Somewhere around 1995-2000, I was dealing in immigration where I came in contact with a lot of engineers. Part of the immigration requirement was to explain in say 8-10 pages the knowledge gained in engineering and how it changed your thinking. Over 90% of engineers could not explain extremely simple concepts.

      Ask any engineer - write in one page how an electric motor works. See the style of writing, the errors, etc etc. Now before you say it is the problem with English, be assured they cannot communicate effectively even in their own mother tongue!

      Mohandas Pai of INFY very recently said unless engineers scale up their skillsets and improve their communication skills, they should be open to work as OLA drivers. You can read the article at

    2. then what about Software Engineers ?
      They are paid generously in India and abroad...Even an IT Graduate from C-Grade Engineering college from B-Grade town gets job in MNC and earns more than a lakh per month...

    3. Can you please post the source of your statement?

      In Mumbai, the average starting salary for an IIT graduate is 15-18 lakhs pa. For the same company recruiting from a lesser known but good college, the salary drops down to Rs.5-6 lakhs pa and in case of an average college, the average salary is Rs.3 lakhs pa.

      Now this is in Mumbai and not some grade C town.

      Ditto for MBA - the salary in JBIMS is 18 lakhs pa and in smaller colleges, it drops down to 3-4 lakhs pa. Now this is Mumbai... the situation is worse when you go to small towns.

      You can get this info from JBIMS / IIT websites.

      Only a small percentage get good salaries or are doing some good job. The rest are working in call centers.

      If employment situation or salaries were so good, then why are engineers and post graduates applying for sweeper jobs in UP, tehsildar jobs in GUjarat or hamal jobs in Mumbai where the min educational requirement is 8 std pass?

      Read this

    4. sir, I know people working in Oracle, IBM, Tech M, Sapient, Cognizant , Capgemini, Schneider, Ericsson, D.E.Shaw & ITC Infotech. All of them did either BE (IT) or B.Tech (CS) or BCA + MCA or B.Sc + M.Sc (C.S) from a C Grade college in B-Grade towns of Tamilnadu. Today everyone is earning 14-18 lakhs p.a + have done on site projects in abroad... bought flats & cars in just 6-7 years and also own other properties as Investment..

      I belong to Tamilnadu and I know these people thru my friends network..some of them are my school friends..

    5. This is a very small minority and looking forward, IT is no longer gong to be the big employer. In fact, most people in their 40s will be lucky to have their jobs few years from now.

      My classmates, most engineers + MBA are earning 50L-2 cr pa. We are 50 years plus, move in similar circles etc. But this is a minority though for me it looks like everyone is earning well. That is not the case in reality. Similarly average salary for MBA from a top institute is 18-20L pa but for someone from a small town, he is lucky to get a job at 3L pa.

      My statement was a general statement based on prevailing trends all over India. India will now be producing close to 1.5 million eng graduates every year whereas there are jobs for barely half of them. Only a few will get the best jobs while others will get similar jobs at lower salaries. Vast majority will work in call centers or do some job not matching their qualifications.

    6. >>>BCA + MCA or B.Sc + M.Sc (C.S) from a C Grade college in B-Grade towns of Tamilnadu. Today everyone is earning 14-18 lakhs<<<

      If this is the salary after 6-8 years, then you can safely assume they are being substantially underpaid.

    7. Its fact that 14-16 lakhs is paid for 3+2 or 4+2 or 4 years of college education and 5-8 years of work experience. But I did not knew they are underpaid...but for town and upcountry people , this looks BIG.

      I have also observed that many science & Eng Grads have written Bank P.O Exams and got Jobs, some also go for Private banks but rarely they sustain target pressure..But even in Banks after 8-10 years of exp they are paid 10-12 lakhs p.a in private and PSU banks its 8-10 lakhs for B.M level.

    8. You are right... amount is big and saving potential high.

      The point I was making is
      - vast salary differences for same degree in same city but different colleges.
      - persistent / high unemployment all over India (exceptions will be there).

      Bigger problem in India (and globally as well) is jobless growth. I will make a separate post on this.


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