September 2, 2016

Reliance JIO schemes - who wins who loses

My take:
  • the 149 plan is best for heavy voice users (everyone loses except the customer). JIO will get lots of customers but with very low revenue.
  • other plans are good for heavy data users (JIO and customers win, competition to lose).
The funny thing is the 149 scheme may get associated with the low end of the market (remember the earlier 500 mobile scheme?). And people (atleast the corporate type) may continue with their existing providers solely because of the premium image.

Also, most packages are for 28 days not one month. Smart or cheap?... but this will mean you get billed 13 times in a year.

Why I am writing on this, of all the things? because I am sensing a big repeat where the customer wins and others do not.

reliance jio 4g tarrif plans

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