December 1, 2017

Market outlook + early signs of trend reversal?

Daily charts
- trend is up on daily charts
- today NF closed at 10122 (down 1%)
- NF is exactly where it was in JUL last week/ AUG first week
- AD was 1:2 while VIX increased by 10%
- note formation of lower swing high around 10400
- close below 10100 will lead to trend reversal of rally from JAN 2017
- NOTE this will FIRST sell signal this entire year

5 min charts
- we had a sell signal on hourly charts yesterday
- today, shorted on open
- covered around 2.30pm

- expecting good support in the region 10000 to 10100.

Yesterday's sell signal on hourly charts which made me even more bearish today

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