January 3, 2019

Equity curve ( by Keshav )

I tried to make equity curve of my trades since past two weeks. In y axis i have the percentage gain i made or lost and in x axis it is the trades taken. Rite now i am in positive. Lets see how it turns out in future.

While doing this equity curve i got a weird doubt in my mind. Will it be better to trade this equity curve or simply invest in it ?

What i mean is just like how trend trading works i.e., buy when the price is moving up and exit when it starts to move down. Here one will be trading only when the system's equity curve is moving up and stop when it shows sign of draw-down.

Will it help in escaping long streak of losses ? Making an equity curve of performance of this new method would be an answer , Or it will turn to be an infinite stupid exercise ........ !!

Comment your opinionšŸ˜Š

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