October 29, 2019

Excellent thread on option trading by @PRSundar64

Lot of misintrepreations, lot of negativities, lot of 'seizing the opportunity' by many people, jumping into the fray.

I may take a break from social media or i may completely withdraw from social media.
What ever I have gain by this media, I have already gained.

I am here now for others gain.
That I may have review.
Before doing that I wish to open up my mind.
As usual, will start with a story.

Whwn my son was 4 years old, my wife wanted him to go to kirana shop and buy something for Rs 20. She gave him Rs 100. He insisted she should give only Rs 20. My wife did not have Rs 20 note, insisted he should take Rs 100. He started crying. My wife was puzzled.

She asked for reason, he replied, "If I have Rs 100, I am sure in addition to what you ask me to buy, I will be tempted to buy a chocolate and late will get scolding from you" 😂😂😂

When my wife told me this I told her he has bright future.

Everyone has some short coming, if you your short coming, sure you will have bright future. If you are arrogant, not to accept your short coming, that is where you miss the life.

When I started my journey in stock market, for that matter when I started thinking of doing any business, first thing that came to my mind, I should be making money, even if I am stupid.

The reason is I know I am not an intelligent. For that matter nobody is intelligent in stock market.
That is why I have chosen to be an option seller.
Let me tell you once again, Option selling is the game of stupids.
If you do not agree, look at the comments in Twitter.

When most of the option buyers claim to be intelligents, naturally, counter parties, i.e. option sellers will have to be stupids.
But here the point is not who is intelligent and who is stupid, point here is who is making money?

Read more at https://twitter.com/PRSundar64/status/1188788275554615297

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