October 4, 2019

Market outlook

Daily charts:
- trend is down on daily charts (from yesterday)
- I missed marking this yesterday but
- I am marking this today as rally is corrected by 50%
- now support zone is 11100 to 11200 spot where recovery can happen
- and 11000 is also a big round number

- AD was 7:11 - not bad

3 min charts:
- today experienced problems with datafeed
- always seem to happen on important days

- yesterday's high low levels were 11420 and 11310 F
- these are decision levels
- today first short triggered when markets failed to sustain above prev day high
- target is prev day low or use some trailing SL for exit
- I did not trade this as it was  just before a major policy event

- traded long when good support emerged around 11300 F
- stopped out on small profit

- traded short on break of 11300 F; cover on close

- tomorrow decision levels are 11200, 11300 and 11420 F.

chart with kplswing

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