November 2, 2017

BJP leader calls off marriage after realizing bride hasn’t linked Aadhaar to phone number

A young Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) leader from Uttar Pradesh called off his marriage upon the realisation that his to-be-wife hasn’t linked her Aadhaar Card to her phone number.

The wedding was called off just before the pheras, which led to complete chaos at the last minute of the function. The leader, who is a youth icon in BJP, was seemingly upset when the bride confessed of not having her Aadhaar Card linked to her phone number when she was asked about her dirty secret.

He said..." this anti-national behaviour from my finance is unacceptable. Opposing BJP’s views is sedition and I would never marry an anti-national,” said the youth icon. The groom was so upset that he had to be taken to a nearby gaushala to recover from the shock.


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