November 2, 2017

Western Railway rejects reports of high vacancy on bullet train route, claims full occupancy on Mumbai-Ahmedabad trains

The WR, in a statement, said it would like to clarify that reports regarding 40 percent seats being vacant in the trains running or passing between Mumbai and Ahmedabad and that the WR had incurred losses of Rs 30 crore in the sector over the last three months were not factually correct, as in fact, there was over a 100 percent occupancy in the section.

Railway Minister Piyush Goyal also tweeted saying, "Contrary to media reports, Mumbai-Ahmedabad train section running at above 100% occupancy and will benefit immensely from Bullet train (sic)."


NOTE: this post is solely to address the conflict arising from my previous post titled "40 per cent seats on India's bullet train route go vacant, reveals RTI reply"

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