December 22, 2018

One day, two smartphones met for the first time

One day, two smartphones who had never met before met one evening for the first time.

They went to a restaurant for 2 hours and then checked into a seedy hotel where they spent the night.

Next morning, they checked out never to meet again.

Story over... it was a one night stand.


Google knows exactly who these 2 people were, all their past histories, likes and dislikes etc.

And since a person carries a smartphone invariably with him, tons of absolutely private info is available on tap.

Take my case... Google knows for years I get up at 5.45, see US markets for 30 seconds, then read newspaper on cell for 10 min and then go for a 30 min walk at 6.15. On days, I  leave late, Google knows I will go for a walk at 7.15am.

In both cases, Google knows I walk alone... but it also knows in the evening I walk with another person who is a family member.

But if I go for a walk with a new person, someone whom I have never walked before, then it is easy for Google to find out if I am having an affair or not.


This is just a short post I made up to highlight the intrusive role of technology is playing in our lives. And I have not even mentioned the bars and restaurants I go to, my friend circle, my internet searches etc.

Google knows me far far better than any family member can ever hope to know.


Caveat: you can fool the system but only to a limited extent.

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