December 21, 2018

Trade logs by Keshav

Follow up on yesterdays trade : Exited the long position taken yesterday at almost break even point. Even though the long position went waste , the option which i took yesterday at 3.15 for hedging gave some satisfying profit.

This is the advantage of buying option when the trade taken in futures is already in profit at the end of the day . It wont hurt the on going futures position severely and also helps to gain if futures position makes a U turn next day.

Today's trades : Went short immediately after exiting from the long trade ( Circled candle , one candle before the signal candle). I guess i was intimidated by all global factors and nifty's struggle to cross 11000 and took position before signal appeared. This practice wont be a problem when you have an exit plan assuming that decision went wrong. Trick here is one must neither feel intelligent when things went rite nor regret if things went wrong.

Took OTM call option at around 2.30 itself as i had to go out and was in doubt of able to execute it at 3.15.

Note : I use kite application by zerodha for trading. It does not have built in kpl swing indicator. Those indicator lines are hand plotted using drawing tools. Since the logic is so simple its very easy to draw.

Trade details :

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