December 23, 2018

System trading, discipline, traits of a good trader @navyramavat

Sitting in the heart of India in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, a group of 17 young traders has carved a success story rarely seen in the trading world. Normally, proprietary traders in India are either arbitragers or delta hedgers using derivative tools to exploit mis-pricing.  But these boys from Indore are directional traders who are continuously exploiting opportunities in the market.

Navy Ramavat (@navyramavat), the team leader, started the journey alone and developed his own trading strategy. A screen reader who trades discretionary strategies using correlations in the market, Ramavat found technical analysis three years after successfully trading the markets. Later he graduated into system trading and presently trades over 10 strategies.

Q: What according to you are the traits of a good trader?

A: An important characteristics of a good trader is that he should be hard working. He may or may not have discipline in other aspects of life, but when it comes to trading he should be very disciplined. There are some very aggressive traders who are as aggressive in real life, but when it comes to trading they have controlled their emotion.

Another important trait that a trader should have is the ability to honestly self-assess himself.

Intelligence has little to do with trading. An intelligent trader may have a slight advantage with all the personality traits mentioned above, but without these traits, his intelligence is of no use. He will end up losing his money.


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