December 26, 2018

Simhavalokana 2018: Not A Year For Doubling Down

Simhavalokana is a Sanskrit term to denote the retrospective gaze of a lion. It is said that as the lion traverses some distance in the jungle, he looks back to examine the path he chose and how he covered that distance.

1. Correlation Between Hard Work And Results

Relentless hard work gets results is something that has been drilled into most of us. Not getting good marks? Study harder. Not losing weight? Sweat it out more in the gym. Sometimes this is where we make the Venn diagram mistake – yes, good results require hard work but there are times when hard work by itself does not guarantee success. During the volatile middle part of the year, I reacted to portfolio under-performance by giving it all that I had, so much so that eating right, working out, time with friends and family fell by the wayside. I need not have.


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