March 28, 2019

EquityMaster Uses Trading System With “Nearly 100% Accuracy” To Warn That Nifty May Plunge 5% Soon

...The data does show that after long periods of consolidation, there are spikes in the Nifty.

In November 2016, the Nifty plunged a mammoth 7.54% after three months of sluggishness while in July 2017 and July 2018, it surged a massive 5.43% & 5.46% respectively after three months of consolidation.

Based on this analysis, it is stated that the “chances of a big move more than 5% could be possible during the March or April expiry“.

He has also warned that going by “price action“, the chances of a fall could be higher.


Common sense dictates that every sharp up move in the markets is accompanied by a sharp correction. As the Indices have indeed surged between 10% to 12% from the lows, a sharp move to the downside should not come as a surprise.

Accordingly, it is better if we heed Apurva Sheth’s advice, book profits and take shelter in the bunkers till the correction is over.

There is no point in being adventurous or defiant in these matters!


NOTE: this article was published on 10th MAR and nifty is up 6% this month.

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