March 19, 2019

SIP and dip: Is the dream run over for systematic investment plans?

Janya Menghrajani Desai, 30, was interning with a financial planner in July 2017 when she learnt about Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs) and, considering her risk-averse nature, decided it would be a good way to put money aside as well as ensure it grows. “I’m not someone who takes the risk of investing in stocks directly, so when the planner told me about SIPs, I said why not,” says Desai.

In the past 20 months she has put in ₹1 lakh but made exactly ₹520 on it. “It’s not even 1 percent,” she says, adding that if she had even left it in her savings account, she would at least have made 4 percent. She plans to wait and watch for a few months after the elections in May and then, if the situation doesn’t improve, pull the money out.


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