March 11, 2019

Vivek Gadodia: From system analyst to market wizard

The biggest hurdle to me was psychological. I was only a trend-following trader back then, and as you know the general win-loss ratio of a trend follower is low. In my case, it was around 35-40 percent.

I have been a good student throughout my school and college life, who topped the class and studied to get the perfect score. This 35-40 percent win rate in the market did not match with my expectations of being right all the time.

I was constantly in search of the proverbial Holy Grail. The eureka moment for me was the Ed Seykota interview in Market Wizard. His 'Whipsaw Song' exemplifies the predicament of a trend follower. He says 'One good trade makes for all the small losses' which clicked with me.


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