August 23, 2019

Finally the FM blinks

Aug 23, 05:38 PM (IST)
It has been decided that enchanced surcharge levied on long term and short term capital gains on equities goes, said FM Sitharman.

Aug 23, 5:45 PM (IST)
Banks have agreed to pass on all Repo Rate cuts into their MCLR, said FM Sitharaman.

Aug 23, 5:44 PM (IST)
An additional capital of Rs 70,000 crore has been sanctioned for banks, which will enable loans worth Rs 5 lakh crore, said FM Sitharaman.

Aug 23, 05:42 PM (IST)
Section 56 2(b) Of I-T Act not to be applicable for startups registered with DPTIT, said FM Sitharaman.

Aug 23, 05:41 PM (IST)
The surcharge on FPIs and domestic investors goes, says Finance Minister

Aug 23, 05:37 PM (IST)
All assessments will be cleared in three months, said FM Sitharaman.

Aug 23, 05:36 PM (IST)
Issue of I-T orders, summons and letters etc shall now go through a centralised system from October 1, said FM Sitharaman.


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