August 30, 2019

NHAI’s Giant Liabilities: Is There a Solution That Doesn't Tax Us More?

NHAI’s gigantic debt, contingent liabilities, stalled projects and web of litigation across the country, are turning into the biggest roadblock to infrastructure development. Union minister Nitin Gadkari has ignored this for five years, even as he criss-crossed the country announcing mega projects with massive outlays. Reports that the prime minister’s office (PMO) has rapped the ministry for extensive and ‘reckless’ highway expansion, finally, led to a much-needed public discussion last week.

NHAI has reportedly been asked to discontinue construction of roads and monetise assets; this has happened only after NHAI’s debt soared from Rs40,000 crore in 2014 to an unsustainable Rs1.78 lakh crore in 2019 under Mr Gadkari’s watch.


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