June 6, 2018

Current open positions in stocks

These are current client positions in delivery trades. Due to SEBI rules, I do not have any position in these stocks.

This report is as of 6-JUN-2018 and has 9 stocks. One month ago, the list was much bigger. But then trailing SL kept kicking in and we just exited positions.

StockClose% ChangeBought atBuy DateRemarksTrailing StoplossReturns %
BRITANNIA5876.951.12510702/04/2018Hold Long Positions565015.08
COLPAL1230.45-0.36108503/04/2018Hold Long Positions122513.41
DABUR378.60-0.6033602/04/2018Hold Long Positions37012.71
HAVELLS533.200.8853306/04/2018Hold Long Positions5200.01
HINDUNILVR1571.150.53135102/04/2018Hold Long Positions155016.27
INDUSINDBK1919.801.07180502/04/2018Hold Long Positions18506.38
KOTAKBANK1315.700.84111805/04/2018Hold Long Positions130017.65
SAIL77.302.118119/04/2018Hold Long Positions67-4.33
YESBANK339.150.7132424/04/2018Hold Long Positions3304.68

The following list is one month old ... i.e. of 7th May.

Obviously a lot of trailing stoplosses got hit so the list is now reduced from 40+ stocks to 9 stocks.

We were extremely fortunate to have stayed away from the small cap craze.... many of these stocks
are now at 52 week lows while stocks we are holding are at 52 week highs. And there are many stocks NOT in the current list where a tight SL forced an exit only to see the stock make lifetime highs.

The point I am making is you do not have to be genius to make money in the markets. Just focus on the winners, have an exit plan in place and limit the risk per trade to under 1% of your capital.

Close% ChangeBought atBuy DateRemarksTrailing StoplossReturns %
ASHOKLEY165.350.8514917/04/2018Hold Long Positions15510.68
BAJAJ-AUTO2915.300.92288724/04/2018Hold Long Positions27400.99
BAJAJFINSV5401.301.00526702/04/2018Hold Long Positions52002.54
BAJFINANCE1895.452.05181902/04/2018Hold Long Positions18504.23
BRITANNIA5472.701.64510702/04/2018Hold Long Positions51007.16
CADILAHC391.250.4840524/04/2018Hold Long Positions375-3.37
CIPLA591.05-1.0058017/04/2018Hold Long Positions5651.91
COLPAL1102.650.39108503/04/2018Hold Long Positions10901.63
CONCOR1349.75-1.15136617/04/2018Hold Long Positions1280-1.16
DABUR369.35-0.2733602/04/2018Hold Long Positions3609.96
DMART1465.00-1.47140105/04/2018Hold Long Positions14404.55
HAVELLS548.001.4153306/04/2018Hold Long Positions5202.79
HDFCBANK1977.40-0.56193102/04/2018Hold Long Positions19402.39
HEROMOTOCO3648.05-0.32378205/04/2018Hold Long Positions3635-3.55
HINDUNILVR1497.902.30135102/04/2018Hold Long Positions142010.85
INDUSINDBK1889.80-0.07180502/04/2018Hold Long Positions18004.72
JSWSTEEL325.802.6532319/04/2018Hold Long Positions3000.91
KOTAKBANK1245.050.94111805/04/2018Hold Long Positions112011.33
L&TFH177.000.3717028/07/2017Hold Long Positions1553.87
LT1389.151.49133602/04/2018Hold Long Positions13203.98
M&M885.603.6677003/04/2018Hold Long Positions78015.00
MCDOWELL-N3477.80-0.02356724/04/2018Hold Long Positions3300-2.49
NTPC170.50-0.2317002/04/2018Hold Long Positions1650.06
OFSS4238.351.50403103/04/2018Hold Long Positions40005.15
PIDILITIND1080.900.9794102/04/2018Hold Long Positions100014.82
POWERGRID209.300.9219903/04/2018Hold Long Positions1985.41
RELIANCE971.001.7997024/04/2018Hold Long Positions9180.10
SAIL75.003.668119/04/2018Hold Long Positions52-7.18
SRTRANSFIN1570.05-1.86146802/04/2018Hold Long Positions14506.93
SUNTV883.152.2891519/04/2018Hold Long Positions840-3.52
TATAPOWER85.10-0.418202/04/2018Hold Long Positions843.91
TITAN968.951.1399817/04/2018Hold Long Positions900-2.87
VEDL285.451.3531219/04/2018Hold Long Positions280-8.42
YESBANK347.900.8132424/04/2018Hold Long Positions3207.38

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