June 12, 2018

NIFTY 5 min charts 12-JUN-2018

- I am long as per kplswing signal
- expect half of the trades to fail.
- risk of entry at time of this post is much lower than when I took trade
- SL 10815 F
- risk per trade 0.5% of capital

- not sure of doing this more often as it is a distraction.

Position squared off ... breakout failure?

Now trading short... note market getting rangebound
SL 10835 F.... no problems if  a whipsaw happens.

Covered positions...

So now we have last 3 signals giving us minimal profit (or loss). This means the market is now rangebound and preferably we should do nothing till markets break out from the range. The range is 10770-10850 F

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