June 25, 2018

Secret Dairy of Sanjay Lalbhai...nice read

It’s a huge weight to belong to such an illustrious family — especially when your history goes back almost 400 years and your great-great-great grandfather has been a part of Akbar’s court. But we were never made to feel like we had to live up to the past. We were given complete freedom to chart our own course. It was, of course, overwhelming to see top politicians walk in, including the likes of Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, but then again, we were among the top 20 industrial houses in the country.

Growing up in that huge house, with a lush green lawn and a Chevrolet — the trappings of luxury were all there. Yet, I went to school on a cycle. My friends came from less privileged backgrounds, many lived in a one room-kitchen. And it never felt uncomfortable because the family never qualified who could be a friend. When the home-cooked food was laid out, I found a spot on the floor, just as hastily as the others and ate my fill. Maybe it was because dadaji lived a Gandhian lifestyle himself.

What a stickler for time he was! Dinner used to be served at 7 pm sharp. If you were late, you had to go hungry.

Read more at https://www.outlookbusiness.com/specials/secret-diary-of-an-entrepreneur_2018/there-are-no-exemptions-in-life-4413

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