June 30, 2018

Life in Silicon vallley, few years later

The big project you are working on is outsourcing all of engineering to the East Bay. Your company used to outsource engineering to India, but they quickly realized after looking at the company’s Twitter feed of pictures of the ice sculpture from the holiday party that they should be asking for a lot more money. You’re afraid you are also in the process of outsourcing your own job. Someone, somewhere would definitely sit in meetings for less money.

Your boss is your age. He never got an exit either. He references his “start-up glory days” regularly.

OK. Who are you kidding? You are bored. You are surfing the internet. You start with searches about real estate licenses. Maybe you should be a real estate agent. It feels like the purpose of tech companies and venture capitalists is to funnel money into property anyway. Maybe if you magically get between two gigantic piles of money, some will land in your lap somehow.

You research day trading. Maybe you could make a few bucks that way. What if you bought some crypto? It’s down right now. Maybe Tim Draper is right, and it will be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Or maybe Warren Buffet is right, and it will be worth nothing. You create a Coinbase account but don’t have the courage to do anything. You should have just bought Facebook stock at IPO and held. You would have made more money.

Nah, buying Facebook stock would be evil.

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